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$2,650.00  + Shipping


Bring the slopes into your living room. Ski training has been never so much fun!

  • Appropriate for beginners and intermediate skiers
  • Easy and quick setup of foot positions and different options for footwear (sport shoes, ski boots)
  • Mono use or possible setup from inside to outside leg spacing
  • Low impact exercise, intended for preparing you for the ski season
  • Focuses on legs and core, full body workout
  • Portable machine, suitable for home use only
  • Resistance is fully adjustable, offering 6 intensity levels

The Basic 360 Home Ski Simulator will allow users to test their skills in downhill, slalom, giant slalom, etc. It is easy and quick to set up, and you can choose between wearing sports shoes for comfort or your ski boots for maximizing the reality of the experience.  The BASIC HOME 360 caters to the needs of even the most ambitious skiers.

Basic Home 360 includes different ski slopes with various ski training levels and forms of competitions. This ski machine includes the PRO GAME SET 360 with gigant slalom, slalom, endless slope, interacitve slopes, etc.

Along with improving your endurance and technique, training on the ski machine is an excellent way to lose a few pounds while enjoying the challenge of mastering the virtual slopes. You can optimize your ski workouts with different settings. We recommend it for your whole family, regardless of the skill of the user-skier, height and age.

It is an ALL IN ONE OPTION, as the purchase enables a free selection of modules; you can pick just the ones you need to go on with your ski training. It helps you to activate exactly the same muscle groups, that you activate on while skiing. In addition to that, exercising on Basic Home 360 Ski Simulator will help you develop balance, coordination, agility and prepare you for ski season.

This ski machine is specifically designed for everyone who would like to improve their movements and get a competition experience like a ski racer. On this ski simulator you will automatically make right turns and movement of the body. Proper strength, technique and balance will also significantly decrease the likelihood of injuries. Exercising on Basic Home 360 Ski Simulator will primarily target the same muscles that are also used while skiing, namely the core (abs & back), upper and lower leg muscles and feet.


  • B-TYPE CART- New and modified cart with metal brackets for foot-pedals for optimal and safe use through the guided PRO SKI workouts. 

    EDGE SKI STOPPER - The edge ski stopper prevents hard bumps when ending the turn. It's good for your body, because it absorbs shocks and provides a more pleasant training.

    ELASTIC BANDS - The ski simulator cart has elastic bands at the bottom. The elastic bands must be adjusted according to the weight of the person who trains. The elastic bands easily come off. Fixing them again is also very easy.

    BASIC FRAME - This Ski machine has a Basic frame that provides a support system and fixtures for ski-poles. Holding the frame during the workout will help you keep the balance. More advanced skiers can let go of the frame and workout with their hands free or holding ski-poles, as shown in the videos.

    FOOT PEDALS - Additional sloping surfaces help you train double movements: carving and rotation. The foot pedals can be manually moved further apart or closer together, depending on how tall the person is.

    BASIC HAND HOLDER - The hand holder provides a firm holder when training. You can modify the hand holder by adding a bottle holder for longer workouts. More experienced skiers can let go of the holder during workout.

    BILDON BEARER & TRANSPORT WHEELS - Ski-simulator Basic Special Edition is equipped with billon bearer and transport wheels for easier and faster storage in multipurpose room.

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