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$4,400.00 +Shipping

This is the standard model but featuring in addition a revolutionary frame that is able to perfectly imitate a carving ski turn. It was designed especially for excellent skiers and competitors. Because of the outstanding simulation of ski turns you will feel as if you are on an actual ski slope. The machine is best suited for physical and technical preparation for the competition season. No other device of this type is able to simulate actual skiing that well. You can also get other Pro Ski Equipment that will make your training better and more efficient.



    The security device is intended for the professional Ski Simulator and provides extra safety for beginners. The rotating platform can be challenging in the beginning and this safety device can come in very handy - it gives you the confidence to concentrate completely on your workout. Additional order!


    The professional Hand holder is available for Professional Ski simulator - it is attached to rotation platform but is moving with person during the workout. Control computer can be attached to professional hand holder.


    The power frame is intended for advanced skiers and ski racers. The main difference from the Radical frame is its size and power setting. It is prolonged by 50cm (19.7 inches) and allows 8 levels of settings for anaerobic - aerobic and body pump - body step exercises.
    Suitable for people from 180cm height on. Suitable for weight up to 150kg.

    Compatible with B-type cart, S-type cart and P-type cart.

    ST CONTROL App running on smartphone device

    The PROSKI simulator training software is a sophisticated App, which provides critical assessment of the ski training performed on the PROSKI simulator. The PROSKI simulator training uses state-of-the-art magnetic angle and position sensors, which readings are processed through advanced decision algorithms, which were developed with the help of top level ski professionals and trainers to produce the most accurate results. The PROSKI simulator training App supports various difficulty levels enabling the usage for all ranges of users from ski beginners to ski professionals. The results provided by the PROSKI simulator training App can help improve the ski technique and overall ski performance of users of all ages. It controls the training-process and is designed for the Standard model and the Professional model.

    All results are recorded and shown on the flash memory, which is connected via Bluetooth to the App running on your smartphone device. This allows an accurate evaluation of the training. In addition, all data can be represented in the form of graphs for each leg separately. The computer shows the current physical progress and automatically assigns the user to the correct performance group.

    Technical characteristics:
    • display: smartphone device
    • Review/estimation of all motion parameters
    • TEST function for the user’s performance classification
    • Training mode: slalom / giant slalom
    • Recording of the training on the flash memory
    • Training analysis and graphical representation of the data


    This special slope frame or rotation platform is able to perfectly imitate a carving ski turn. It has a platform in an angle, just like a real ski slope. The platform also turns to left and right, but not all the way around. This is the best way to simulate an actual slope. Additionally, there are special little holes at the base of the Ski Simulator, where you can stick ski-poles.


    The ski simulator Cart has 2 foot pedals, where you stand during the workout. On the bottom of the glider, there are elastic bands that need to be adjusted according to the weight of the person, who trains.


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