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$2,395 +Shipping

NEW skiing powerful machine was developed for advanced skiers and skiers. The difference with the other ski machines pro is the size and resistance adjustment. The main difference is the ability to train with ski boots. The Mount Power is wider by 50cm (19.7 inches), and the total length is more than 220 cm (86.6 inches). The ski machine supports 8 power adjustment bungee cords, and user can be up to 150kg. You can also get other pro ski equipment that will help you exercise better and more efficiently.


  • P-TYPE CART - P-type cart is designed for all size of ski boots. Easy set and go rental ski bindings. Optimal ski feeling in all parts of the ski turn. Innovative longitudinal movement option. High manufacturing quality.

    The kit includes:

    • MARKER Fastrak III ski bindings
    • Racing panel
    • High-quality protection against sliding

    The best selection for ski turn simulation!

    Compatible with Radical frame and Power frame.

    EDGE SKI STOPPER - Edge ski stopper prevents hard bumps when ending the turn. It's good for your body because it absorbs shock and makes training more pleasant

    POWER HAND HOLDER - Hand holder provides a firm holder when training. You can modify hand holder by adding a bottle holder for longer workouts. More experienced skiers can let go of the holder during workout.

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