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$7,800.00  + Shipping

The ultimate ski fitness machine for beginners, advanced athletes and professionals

  • Designed for beginners, advanced athletes and professionals
  • Intended for different events and fairs, hotels, sports shops and fitness centers
  • Use of advanced technology to detect the movement of the user
  • It reproduces the skier’s movement on a virtual ski slope and transforms exercising into an interactive game
  • Focuses on legs and core
  • It increases strength, endurance, coordination, balance and explosiveness
  • Portable machine, suitable for indoor and home use
  • Resistance is fully adjustable, offering 6 intensity levels

Simulator Pro Ski Fit 360 uses advanced technology to detect the movement of the user. It reproduces the skier’s movement on a virtual ski slope and transforms exercising into an interactive game. Is actually intended for different events and fairs, hotels, sports shops and fitness centers, but you can use it too at home if you buy a virtual game (virtual ski-game set). This machine is also great for strengthening your muscles and improve your cardio capacity. It will help you enjoy skiing and also make new experiences because you can ski like professionals.

This machine is designed for beginnersadvanced athletes and professionals, who would like to ski with a virtual ski-game and having fun. Exercising on the machine will primarily target the same muscles that are also used while skiing, namely the core (abs & back)upper and lower leg muscles and feet.

Forms of ski fitness training with Ski Fit 360 Ski Simulator

The primary goal of cardio training is to develop maximum functional capacity.

The development of power can be achieved with proper exercise selection. The addition of an elastic band will increase resistance, which will help increase muscle strength.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
Short, intense exercises are proven to benefit the development of athletic ability and physical condition.


  • B-TYPE CART- New and modified cart with metal brackets for foot-pedals for optimal and safe use through the guided PRO SKI workouts. 

    EDGE SKI STOPPER - The edge ski stopper prevents hard bumps when ending the turn. It's good for your body, because it absorbs shocks and provides a more pleasant training.

    ELASTIC BANDS - The ski simulator cart has elastic bands at the bottom. The elastic bands must be adjusted according to the weight of the person who trains. The elastic bands easily come off. Fixing them again is also very easy.

    BASIC FRAME - This Ski machine has a Basic frame that provides a support system and fixtures for ski-poles. Holding the frame during the workout will help you keep the balance. More advanced skiers can let go of the frame and workout with their hands free or holding ski-poles, as shown in the videos.

    FOOT PEDALS - Additional sloping surfaces help you train double movements: carving and rotation. The foot pedals can be manually moved further apart or closer together, depending on how tall the person is.

    SKI FIT360 BASIC HAND HOLDER: - This hand holder provides a extra firm holder during 2D and 3D Virtual racing.

    COMPUTER BOX/MEASUREMENT DEVICE: In the additional box you can find all the required equipment for 2D and 3D virtual experience. Equiped with all connectors for plug & play.

    KEYBOARD: A water-resistant keyboard is added, which allows the user to easily and quickly set settings in the game itself.


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